John Evans’ fee for the mediation is charged at a daily rate of $3,800.00 for preparation time, for attendance at the mediation, and for all reports and services after the conclusion of the Mediation. In the event that extraordinary preparation is required, a reasonable fee will be discussed and charged.

Retainer and First Deposit

A deposit in the amount of $3,800.00 shall be paid prior to the first Mediation session.  Payment may be by e-transfer or by cheque payable to John F. Evans Professional Corporation.


There will be a charge for mediation facilities which will depend on the location and will be charged as a disbursement.

Other disbursements (such as photocopies, faxes, long distance telephone calls, courier charges, bus/train fare or Uber, mileage, accommodation and related expenses for out-of-town mediation sessions) will be charged as appropriate.

Travel Time

If mediation is held outside the Hamilton/Burlington area, travel time may be charged.


If the Mediation session is cancelled within three business days prior to the date fixed for Mediation, all fees for preparation time at the rate of $500.00 per hour, if any, and disbursements, if any, incurred to that point will be charged.


There will be no charge for the first adjournment if the session is adjourned 24 hours in advance and to a date within 45 days of the original Mediation date; otherwise, the adjournment will be treated as a cancellation.

Further Mediation Session

Additional estimated Mediators’ fees, disbursements and H.S.T. are payable at the commencement of any further Mediation session.

Application of the Deposit

The portion of the Deposit paid by a party shall be credited to the final invoice.